Chaintown City project roadmap available now!

Chaintown City

General vision

Chain Town City is a virtual metaverse where everybody can purchase digital property and become owner of unique virtual real estate. CTC uses ERC-721 standards of NFT, meaning that each plot of virtual real estate is wholly unique. We are aiming to build a social platform for our citizens and create an unforgettable neighborhood experience. Limited number of listed items (Citizen Cards, Apartments, Towers and more) adds undisputed value for holders, as they can invest, collect, buy and sell these collectibles.

Chain Town City is a new player on the field of virtual real estate. Project launch will consist of several sales phases, as certain number of properties will be launch during each phase.

Chaintown City “Sky tower”


Chain Town City is planned as a huge virtual world with very limited and predefined number of real estates. Project provide wide range of joint branded activities and collaboration for both real and virtual (NFT) brands. This list of opportunities include:

  • Total or particular branding of properties (ex. Brands can place their ads on the top of SKY Tower)
  • Product integration (ex. Any kind of vehicles can be offered to CTC property owners)
  • Business opportunities for CTC citizens (ex. Multifunctional gaming zone, where each CTC citizen and their guest can attend with promocodes or discounts)
  • Private events (ex. Opportunity for alcohol brand to organize private events for CTC citizens with fixed entrance fee)
  • Direct sales to CTC community
  • Collaboration with celebrities
Chaintown City “small apartment”

Sales phases

Project launch is planned to be held in February, as first 30 virtual real estates will be listed. Object is planned to be listed not only on ETH but in other NFT currencies such as BSC and SOL. CTC has two main products to sell:

  • CTC Citizenship Cards (10,000 items)
  • Virtual real estates (5,555 items)

CTC Citizenship Cards (here and after “cards) — are NFT tokens created by CTC that provides citizenship options to buyers. Card holders can attend events organized by metaverse, have a say during key conversation, get entrance to CTC community. Citizenship Cards are the only option to get CTC membership without investing in any digital property offered by project. Cards are already trading at Open Sea NFT marketplace (0.003 ETH)

Virtual real estates (here and after “objects”) — are digital objects such as apartments, houses, towers, business buildings etc. With total number of 5,555 items. Starting prices of objects will vary around 0.003 ETH and can reach up to 1 ETH depending of demand. Main categories that will affect prices are:

  • Location of the property (ex. Apartness from city center, distance to the nearest store etc.)
  • Category (ex. Apartments in premium class blocks will have higher prices etc.)
  • Type of the object (ex. Standalone house, multicomplex etc.)
  • Rarity (ex. Properties with limited number will cost higher)
  • Surrounded ecosystem (ex, objects surrounded with trees)
  • Others (TBC soon)

Duration of sales circle is 1,5 years starting from February, 5% of virtual real estates from total quantity will be listed each month.

Upgrades that affect price

Parallel to sales phases, project will be enlarged and developed by creators. Therefore, following development plan will be executed and applied in upcoming 24 months:

  • Upgraded look and graphics (ex. 2D graphics will be replaced by 3Ds)
  • Increase of open world (ex. More entertainment hubs to be added for citizens)
  • Construction of landscapes and leisure resorts
  • Construction of multifunctional centers

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Chaintown City is a virtual metaverse where everybody can purchase digital property and become owner of unique virtual real estate. 🥂💫

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Chaintown City

Chaintown City

Chaintown City is a virtual metaverse where everybody can purchase digital property and become owner of unique virtual real estate. 🥂💫

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